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Please note: the masterclass videos have been edited to an on-demand format removing any live functionality such as the use of polls and the ability to ask questions, including the Q&A portion of the session. If you have any questions, please send them to events@mortgage-brain.co.uk.

Navigating the ever changing landscape of lender policy, product availability and client affordability


This session will cover how to identify opportunities to maximise value for customers while growing revenue in an evolving marketplace. We will explain how cases have become more complex and how this can open up opportunities for advisers while adding value for clients.

Next, we will summarise how you can simplify the research process for multiple criteria and affordability calculations by bringing it into one journey alongside product sourcing. Lastly, we'll explain how to demonstrate and justify a chosen mortgage product complete with comprehensive research documentation to meet compliance regulations.


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Geoff Webb

Geoff Webb, National Account Manager, Mortgage Brain

Geoff is responsible for supporting continued knowledge sharing at Mortgage Brain through the delivery of customer support as well as the development of key accounts.

He has more than 18 years' experience working within the mortgage industry and is renowned as a mortgage software expert who has been responsible for the development of multiple intermediary systems.

Adverse mortgage insight


The mortgage market has undergone a huge amount of change in the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic, payment holidays and stamp duty holiday all had a big impact on advisers and their workload. Despite the challenges placed on the market, it has remained buoyant, especially over recent months. At Pepper Money, we continually look ahead to identify upcoming opportunities for our broker partners and their customers.

We commissioned YouGov to help produce the Adverse Credit Study, giving advisers a robust look into the market size, sentiment and current trends of customers who may have experienced financial blips or difficulty.

This session defines the adverse credit market and those likely to be affected. It goes on to explain the future for adverse credit and what brokers need to know before summarising the new opportunities available for brokers.


Adverse Credit Study 2020

Adverse Credit Study 2019


Caroline Mirakian

Caroline Mirakian, Head of National Accounts, Pepper Money

Caroline Mirakian is Head of National Accounts at Pepper Money, with responsibility for driving the lender's sales strategy, working with networks, clubs and distribution partners to help brokers place more of their interesting cases with Pepper. With over 16 years in financial services, Caroline started as a personal banker for Barclays before moving into the mortgage market.

Self-employed insight - let's talk about all things self-employed


This session will explain how lenders have changed the way they underwrite self-employed customers since the pandemic and what this means for our self-employed customers for the future.

It will also summarise the impact Government COVID schemes will have on affordability and how lenders differentiate between employed and self-employed, in terms of evidential documentation.

Plus, we will explore new technology and how Open Banking can help future-proof business.


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Jane Faulkner

Jane Faulkner, Head of Central & South West Region - Mortgage Intermediaries, HSBC UK

Jane has over 38 years' experience in financial services, including outbound and inbound call centre management, collections, fraud, life insurance, pensions, commercial and retail banking. She moved into the mortgage intermediary channel just over four years ago.

Jane has been managing and leading teams for the last 35years, developing her people to thrive personally as well as delivering sustainable results across a variety of different business areas.

She has also mentored colleagues across the Bank under the HSBC UK Intermediary Mentoring Scheme and is thrilled to be investing her time in her colleagues' ambitions and goals.

Underwriting and credit risk: behind the scenes


Understanding what lenders are looking for in a mortgage customer and application will help you place more cases, more quickly.

Get an insight into the credit risk 'data view' vs. the underwriting 'real view', understand how 'scoring' works and how to connect the dots between automation and flexibility where data doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

We'll cover topics such as how to make a borderline case not borderline, helping you identify when it's worth sharing additional information to get the right case through.

We'll also look at the importance of properly packaging a case before pressing 'send', using real-life case studies.


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Karen Appleton

Karen Appleton, Head of new lending, Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries

Karen has been working in the financial services industry for 23 years, with a background in credit risk, mortgages and operations. She now leads our underwriting team and is committed to a common-sense approach to lending and leveraging the benefits of technology and data to improve the customer journey. She is passionate about using the knowledge of our underwriters to support lending and understands the importance of talking about case intricacies to work out what's the right and responsible thing to do for your clients.

Aidan Walker

Aidan Walker, Credit risk manager, Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries

Aidan has nearly 15 years' experience in credit risk and data analytics, working for the Skipton and West Brom Building Societies. In his time with Skipton Aidan has implemented an affordability model, an application scorecard, devised new mortgage lending strategies, supported changes to lending policy, processes and reviewed the Society's appetite for credit risk. He prides himself on honesty and collaboration and has a passion for future technology, such as Open Banking.

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